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We are looking for two remarkable and inspired individuals to join our Panda family.

If you have a fun, out-going and creative personality and are driven to learn and grow everyday, then apply now!

Since the dawn of Joomla!, skilled developers have been creating extensions that help the Joomla! community implement impressive capabilities on their sites.

Savvy Panda is proud to announce today that we've partnered with Anything Digital to create a new kind of Joomla! extension that empowers you to leverage the future of business, which is Inbound marketing.

The pandas are gearing up for an incredible month of speaking and sharing educational wealth. Here's where you can find us presenting in November:

With its release in August 2013, the Hubspot COS is already changing the way we look at the marketing of a website. It's personalizing the web experience like no other platform and is likely to change the way the marketing world looks at websites.

At our HubSpot User Group (HUG) this past Thursday, September 12th, we were fortunate to have Kristen Craft and Alyce Currier from Wistia to teach us all about using video in your inbound marketing strategy.

It was a great presentation about the power of video. If you missed out or want access to the additional resources they discussed, let's recap the presentation.

Hi all! My name is Patrick, and I'm the new Project Manager at Savvy Panda. I'm just now starting my third week here and am extremely impressed with the talent, drive, and motivation that exists in this environment.

Marketo, a marketing automation tool suite, recently created a new section on their main website dedicated to information about Inbound Marketing. They wanted to get some quotes from industry experts and reached out to Luke, Savvy's Director of Inbound Marketing, for some insight on the Inbound Marketing industry.

You can read Luke's quote and learn all about Inbound Marketing by checking out Marketo's Inbound Marketing Page.

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