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So you know creating killer content is key for any website. You definitely do not need me to explain that to you, yet again. Working in eCommerce, however, makes your content creation a little different than other companies. The same goes for content downloads when trying to convert visitors into leads, the strategy behind it will be a little different, but with that being said, creating content downloads should be a key factor in your eCommerce marketing strategy. So, what are some content downloads for eCommerce? Let's find out.    
Convincing your old school boss that you need to start a blog for your business can sometimes be a tricky thing. They probably don't see the value behind it and they see your time to be better allocated to something else. Perhaps they are a bit behind with the times and need a little push in the inbound direction. Let's be real though, since your boss is old school, throwing the idea of inbound marketing right at them probably isn't the best way to go about it. Your boss is busy and looks at initiatives from a high level perspective and needs quick, easy to understand reasons about why starting a blog for your business is beneficial. So, break it…
I’ve come to learn that one of the best marketing investments you can make is in tools that will save you time and allow you to do better marketing. There are many tools out there and it can be hard to know which tools are worth looking into. In this blog we are going to recommend nine tools to use in your Inbound marketing efforts that are used by thousands of Inbound Marketing experts all over the world.
It's finally Spring and we have finally been graced with a couple of those warm teaser days, making you believe the consistency of nice weather is so close you can almost taste it. Since it has been one of the coldest winters in years across the entire nation, everyone is ready for something new. So, a new season also means new things need to be bought and we are relying more than ever on online shopping to get us there.
As an inbound marketer and/or social media marketer you have probably been involved in many conversations about advertising on social media networks. Is this is a smart option for your business? Will you make a solid enough ROI? Will it help you to achieve your goals? So, let's take a look at what statistics from some larger companies and how much they are allcating to spend on social media advertising and which social networks they are spending the money on. 
Modern Nonprofits have come a long way in their marketing efforts. Just as the business world has seen a dramatic shift from outbound to Inbound, Nonprofits have followed suit and become fluent in approaches like email, social media, and content marketing. As a Nonprofit marketer, you may be looking for new ways to track your success and improve your online presence. Google Analytics is not only a free way to do this, it provides industry leading insights into activity on your website. Here are five simple metrics and reports to get familiar with ASAP on Google Analtytics:
Alright social media junkies, if you're like me, you'll love any type of statistic that gives reasoning behind why you should be posting the things you post.  All of the social networks your brand plays and participates on bring their own goodness and benefits to the table. Today we're going to look at 5 interesting statstics about Twitter, not only because it is my personal favorite but because these statistics might help spark some engagement for your brand. 
A/B testing. I love it. It's great and there are so many ways to take advantage of testing things out to make improvements on your site.  I'm sure you know that call to actions are a vital part to any business' website - ecommerce, nonprofit, anyone what the sells a service - you name it, call to actions are necessary. Your goal is to always get the user to take the next step. Without call to actions your site is just a jumble of information and content with no way or reason for your visitors to convert. So you understand that, great, but what can you do to to make sure you're getting the most out of these call to…
I think we can all agree that a critical part to your emailing marketing campaigns is choosing a subject line that is enticing enough to want to see more. It's the first impression that will either trigger people to open and view your great content & the offer inside or it'll be simply checkmarked to move the trash. So what are some best practices to ensure you do everything you can to get a higher open rate? Let's check it out.
Emails, emails, emails. Whether it be personal or work emails, they are probably the first things you check in the morning, one of the last things you check in the evening and you are most likely guilty of refreshing it on your phone one too many times in a day. Because of this email crazed world we live in and the fact that you can't be out of the office for 3 days without coming back to 300 emails, some have started associate email with a bad wrap. Some even partner email marketing with a negative connotation. However, email marketing is not dead and it is still in fact a powerful and effective tool, when used properly.
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