Creating an Inbound Marketing Culture at Your Business

Written by Luke Summerfield
    Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Creating an Inbound Marketing Culture at Your Business

One of the biggest obstacles we see when onboarding a new Inbound Marketing clients in getting their entire organization on board with the Inbound Marketing mindset. To truly have a successful Inbound Marketing strategy, everyone in your organization must be 100% on board and excited about the strategy, however, this mindset does not simply just happen. There needs to be a fundamental shift in company culture and beliefs to embrace Inbound Marketing.

Let's dive in and take a look at how to instill an Inbound Marketing culture in your business.

The problem lies in the traditional organizational structure roles that most businesses confine their job roles within. People simply think that Inbound Marketing principles such as content creation and social media should only be a function of the marketing department. People are so set in what tasks they are supposed to complete and what they are in-charge of that once you ask them to think outside the box and broaden their role they are resistant.

What needs to happen is a cultural shift routed in the foundation of the business. This is not an easy task; however, it's a critical task to ensure the success of the Inbound Marketing strategy. The more you can make this shift and get everyone on board, the more success you will find and the bigger your company will grow.

To make this shift happen you will have to take a step back and forget what you know about traditional organizational roles to adopt a more agile, adaptive approach. Think less about, "the IT team's role is to only deal with IT related things and the Marketing team's only role is Marketing". Having these confining definitions of what job roles should be is going to also confine both your internal and external growth.

Now there are two battles you need to have when introducing this new company culture to the organization and one is easier than the other. The first battle is to take the time to evolve all your current company's practices, culture, training materials, etc. all to adapt the new Inbound Marketing culture. This will mean dedicating a significant amount of time to redeveloping most of the materials on your company and evolving the training process to incorporate Inbound Marketing training.

Although a lot of work, it will be well worth it because it's critical that all new team members who are coming into the organization understand from the onset that the company is an "inbound company" and that this inbound culture is woven into everything that the organization does no matter what your job title is.

The second battle you are faced with is converting your current team into Inbound Marketing believers and advocates and get them excited and motivated to evolve their role at the company to incorporate Inbound strategy. This is the harder battle of the two for the reasons we previously talked about. Current team members, especially long time team members, become very resistant to change and have closed minds when it comes to their job title's role.

To get your current team member's "buy in" you will need to do a few key things. First you need to fully explain the Inbound Marketing philosophy and concepts and show why it is critical to the company to make this shift. Go into great detail how content production and relationship building (by the whole team) is so critical to the success of the Inbound Marketing strategy. Then explain how a successful Inbound Marketing strategy will positively impact the business and how this will, in-turn, impact their position.

Additionally, you need to get the leaders of the organization to develop fun and engaging ways to get people excited and motivated to participate. This could come in the form of internal contests, incentive programs or "employee of the month" based on participation. It's imperative that participating team members receive big recognition for their good work and effort. Give them praise and feature them so they gain a sense of accomplishment for the work they are putting into the company's Inbound Marketing strategy.

Taking a step back and rethinking your entire company culture is not an easy task and will take time and effort, however, in the long run of your business it will make the difference between success and failure of the growth of your business in this Inbound Marketing age.

If you have specific questions or comments on how to properly instill an Inbound Marketing culture in your organization, please comment and I'd love to help.

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