Master Inbound Plans to Rock the Inbound Marketing Industry

Written by Luke Summerfield
    Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Master Inbound Plans to Rock the Inbound Marketing Industry

Inbound Marketing is regarded as the most effective internet marketing strategy of the modern era. Because it's so effective, business owners and marketers are eager to shift their current strategy to Inbound, however, many have found it difficult to learn how to implement the entire process. That is until now. Master Inbound is looking to change Inbound Marketing education and training as we know it. 

Currently, to learn the Inbound Marketing process you must sort through a disjointed mess of ebooks, webinars and training courses scattered all around the internet. It can be really hard to learn how to connect all the processes and get them working in sync together. There are also many small interactions that are not talked about anywhere in the free literature and must be learned from hands-on experience.

Your other option is to work with an Inbound Marketing agency and have them implement or consult on your Inbound Marketing process. For those who have a budget to work with an agency, this can prove to be a great option, however, there are many small business owners who simply cannot afford the monthly retainers that come with working with an agency.

In Walks Master Inbound: Online Inbound Marketing Training Course
Master Inbound is an in-depth, multimedia online course to teach small business owners and marketers the entire Inbound Marketing process and set them up with the education, tools and resources to succeed. Master Inbound features expert instructors from leaders in the industry like Hubspot, Hootsuite, Nimble, Savvy Panda and more.

The course is centered on over 20+ hours of "Lynda-style" video training with supporting homework, worksheets and related resources. Additionally, members of the course can enjoy the Q&A forum where they can get in-depth forum-based consulting on any questions, problems or ideas they encounter while implementing their Inbound Marketing strategy.

Lastly, the course features a recommended tools and 3rd party resources section where users can gain additional "fire power" to help build and develop their Inbound Marketing strategy.

Master Inbound will only be available for enrollment 3-4 times per year and there will be a limited number of spots available. There will be a one-time enrollment fee to gain unlimited access to the course and pricing will start under the $800 mark. However, as the course develops, more and more content will be added and the price will increase, so early adopters will get the best prices possible.

Own a Marketing Agency?
If you're like most marketing agencies, there's a good chance you receive a lot of leads that are really excited to get started in an Inbound Marketing strategy, however, simply can't afford your retainer packages.

Master Inbound will be offering a Partner Program that will allow you to convert these leads and generate revenue from them with little additional work. For every member your agency signs up, you will receive 40% revenue split once they are enrolled in the program.

Right now, Master Inbound is encouraging interested individuals to sign up for course updates and notifications for when enrollment opens. The next open enrollment should open up in the next month or so and will be very limited, so it's recommended to sign up for the updates and plan on saving your enrollment spot as soon as possible.

You can learn more about the program and sign up for updates/notifications on their website – If you're a marketing agency you can learn more about the partner program here.

Luke Summerfield

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