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Gabe Wahhab
Hi, I’m Gabe, an entrepreneur with a high attention to detail who loves to help people grow their businesses through the internet. In my free time I like to compete in combat sports, spoil my dachshunds and travel the globe.
  • Over 19 years of experience in Web Development & IT
  • Bachelors in Computer Science from UWM
  • International Inbound Marketing & Joomla Speaker
  • Joomla Community Magazine, "Business Matters" Editor
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified V.A.R
  • Very experienced with eCommerce, New Media and Online Communities
  • All-American Collegiate Wrestler
414-431-8615 ext. 1000
Alex Gilgenbach
Web & Graphic Designer
Hi, my name is Alex and I am the creative designer behind the scenes at Savvy Panda. I enjoy developing art that people can interact with. In my free time I'm interested in guitars, movies, video games and doing recreational activities outdoors.
  • Have been designing and creating websites since 1998
  • BFA in Digital Arts Technology from UWM
  • My favorite guitar brands are Schecter, Ibanez and Dean among others
  • Three of my favorite movies are Tango & Cash, The Rock and The Terminator
414-431-8615 ext. 1002
Luke Summerfield
Director of Inbound Marketing
Greetings! My name is Luke, the brains behind the inbound marketing & strategy team at Savvy Panda. I love to find creative and unique ways to build brands both on & offline. When not in the office, you can find me in the gym training Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Crossfit.
  • Over 9 years in the sales & marketing world
  • Bachelors in Marketing from UW-Milwaukee
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Platform & Partner Certified
  • Google analytics and adwords IQ certified
  • Hootsuite certified
  • Writer on ClickZ and the Joomla Magazine
  • Active member of the Joomla marketing team
  • Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu, Brown Belt in Judo and MMA Fan
414-431-8615 ext. 1004
James Friesen
Senior Web Developer
Hi! I'm James, the overseer of all the behind-the-scenes magic at Savvy Panda. I love to problem-solve and provide Joomla solutions that make our clients' website lives easier. I have been making websites come alive for over 10 years, part of that time while working in Ecuador with a non-profit. In my free time I hang out with my wife and three kids and enjoy mountain biking and camping.
  • Joomla developer and integrator since before it was called Joomla
  • Hubspot COS Certified Designer
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Graduate in Computer Science from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Live and work on the north side of Indianapolis, and yes, I am a big Colts fan
414-431-8615 ext. 1001
Levi Carter
Web Developer
Hello world! I am Levi, a programmer with experience customizing and troubleshooting Joomla websites. When I'm not solving technical bugs, I enjoy watching movies, playing outdoors, and hanging out - especially with my beautiful wife, Abi.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science - New Media/Systems from Taylor University
  • Grew up in Africa. Attended boarding school from 4th grade
  • Sponsors a child in Zambia through Horizon International
  • Makes homemade pizza every week.
414-431-8615 ext. 1009
Patrick Dal Santo
Project Manager
Hello! I’m Patrick, the Project Manager here at Savvy Panda. I thrive in a fast-paced environment, love working with creative and innovative people, and enjoy providing great experiences for our customers. I’ve lived in Wisconsin my entire life, of which the last 7 years have been in Milwaukee. When not working, I try to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, play guitar and write music, and enjoy spending as much time with friends as possible.
  • Bachelors in Management of Information Systems and Marketing (Double Major)
  • Multiple years of Project Management experience, most of which has been in an eBusiness environment
  • Currently pursuing PMP certification
  • Member of the Project Management Institute
  • Travel as much as possible
  • Favorite sports are Hockey, Soccer, and I enjoy watching MMA
414-431-8615 ext. 1006
Shannon Good
Inbound Marketing Consultant
Hello there! I’m Shannon, a lucky member of the Savvy Panda Inbound Marketing team. When I’m not creating communication strategies, you can find me crafting, reading, or making valiant attempts at conquering new recipes in the kitchen.
  • Multiple years of experience in promotion, online marketing, and digital media
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing & Platform Certified
  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Lover of all social media, namely Pinterest and Instagram
  • Classically trained in Ballet
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Colorado State University
  • Guilty pleasures include country music and excessive pizza consumption
414-431-8615 ext. 1008
Hannah Kaufman
Associate Inbound Marketing Consultant
Hi, my name is Hannah. I love staying active doing things like rollerblading and walking my dogs. I also enjoy running and exercising to the Insanity workout. While relaxing, I like to read and write.
  • Currently studying journalism, advertising, and media studies at UWM.
  • Focus in advertising and public relations
  • Enjoy interacting with social media
  • Is an avid “pinner” on Pinterest
  • Favorite animal: fennec fox
414-431-8615 ext. 1005
Tyler Wright
Accounting Clerk
Hi I’m Tyler the accounting clerk at Savvy Panda. In my free time I enjoy pretty much any activity that gets me outdoors including cycling, running and hiking. I also try to attend as many live music shows as possible.
  • Pursuing degrees in Accounting and Finance from UW-Milwaukee
  • Member of the Marine Corps Reserves since 2008
  • Will be pursuing Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting
  • Favorite bands are Pearl Jam, Weezer and The Pixies
414-431-8615 ext. 1003
Bulut Erdem
Cinematographer/Video editor
Hi, my name is Bulut I am the cinematographer / video editor at Savvy Panda. I turn your thoughts into visuals to help others see and understand the vision. I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. In my free time I shoot and edit freelance film / music videos. I also try to go on as many vacations as possible with my family.
  • Pursuing a BA in Digital Film in Art Institute of WI
  • Co-Owner of 2 Much Movement Studios
  • I traveled most of the world before the age of 25
  • I am a tweet-a-holic
Hans & Franz
Chief Security Officers
Hi, I am Hans und I am Franz and we are here… to keep the office safe. In our free time we enjoy playing ball, going to the dog park, eating, sleeping and doing silly tricks.
  • Keen Sense of Fashion
  • Germanfest Dachshund Race Place Winners
  • Will devour unattended lunches
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