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Happy Friday, everyone!

I know that we've all been hungering for some more resources and information from Inbound Day Milwaukee - I've been having withdrawals myself! Luckily enough, the slide decks from the presentations are now available for your perusal and education. Take a look!

Hello, world! My name is Crystal and I am very proud to say that I am the new Administrative Assistant for the pandas. I’ve only been here for a couple weeks (and it’s been a whirlwind!) but I can already tell that Savvy Panda is an awesome place to be.

Hi all! My name is Allie and I am the newest member of the Inbound Marketing team at Savvy Panda. I've been playing in the digital world for a few years now and am excited to continue to learn and grow as a Panda in this ever-changing industry.

As the New Year is upon us, it's important to reflect back on the previous year to see some of your major successes. We've been fortunate enough at Savvy Panda to have a number of amazing things our panda's accomplished in 2013.

Let's take a second to see some of the big successes we had here at Savvy Panda.

We are looking for two remarkable and inspired individuals to join our Panda family.

If you have a fun, out-going and creative personality and are driven to learn and grow everyday, then apply now!

Since the dawn of Joomla!, skilled developers have been creating extensions that help the Joomla! community implement impressive capabilities on their sites.

Savvy Panda is proud to announce today that we've partnered with Anything Digital to create a new kind of Joomla! extension that empowers you to leverage the future of business, which is Inbound marketing.

The pandas are gearing up for an incredible month of speaking and sharing educational wealth. Here's where you can find us presenting in November:

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